2500 HP Drilling Rig 145 ft. x 1,250,000 lbs. Hook Load (Refurbished)

  11. HOUSES


    1. One (1) Drawworks, 2500 HP Rating

      Model: GARDNER-DENVER 2100
      Rated Horsepower: 2500 HP
      Drive Motors: Two (2) GE752 High Torque Traction Motors, 1250 HP each.

      Catshaft assembly with manually operated disconnect clutch.

      GBH breakout and GB spinning catheads with rope rollers. Safety control valve at the driller's console.

      Drillers's console includes all air, water, oil, and other necessary gauges and controls for operating the drawworks rotary. Mounting bracket for electrical control panel is also included.

      Baylor Model 7838 (or equal) Eddy Current Brake rated at 80,000 ft. lbs. of torque at 50 RPM with standard shaft.

      Brake Cooling System, Brake Controls, Power Supplies, Back-Up Systems, and Alarm for insufficient cooling shall be provided.

    2. One (1) Rotary Table, 37-1/2" Drawworks Driven. With 53-1/4" center line of well to drive sprocket dimension with the following features:
      • Complete enclosure in rectangular case
      • Manually operated lock
      • Circulating oil bath lubricates all working parts including pinion shaft bearing
      • Cartridge-type pinion shaft assembly includes double oil seals and double spherical roller bearings
      • Add-independent drive

      • One (1) Varco MPCH Master Bushing, complete with Bowl No. 3 lifting sling and bit breaker adapter plate for 37-1/2" rotary table complete with No. 1 and No. 2 insert casing bowls.

    3. One (1) Hook Block, rated at 750 Tons, has seven (7) sheaves mounted on non-adjustable roller bearings. Top clevis rubber bumper and Dynaplex hook with positioner included.

    4. One (1) Swivel 750 Ton Capacity with washpipe and packing assemblies including:
      • Gland Nut (lower)
      • Packing Gland Housing
      • Packing Spacer (top)
      • Packing Spacer Nut
      • Packing Spacer (top)
      • Packing Spacer (middle)
      • Packing Spacer (bottom)
      • Packing Spacer Assembly (Upper)
      • Hex Socket Setscrew 3/8" - 16" x 3/8"

    5. One (1) Varco (or equal) Pneumatic Kelly Spinner Model 6600, right and left hand rotation with 6.5/8" API regular left-hand pin and box.

      • One (1) Omsco (or equal) Upper Kelly Valve, complete with Wrench, with 6.5/8" API regular left-hand box and pin connections, with pressed steel thread protectors. 5,000 psi. working pressure.

      • One (1) Omsco 5-1/4" across x 50' long (overall) Flats Hexagon Kelly, Working space, 3" ID, 6.5/8" regular left-hand box up right-hand pin down. Complete with shipping scabbard and pressed steel thread protectors.

      • One (1) Varco (or equal) Kelly Bushing, complete with wrench and wiper assembly for 5-1/4" API hexagon kelly.

      • One (1) Lower Kelly Valve, complete with wrench, right-hand box and pin connections. Complete with pressed steel thread protectors. 10,000 psi working pressure.


    1. One (1) Split Level (SL) - 145' high x 25' base Mast,

      • API Rated Static Hook Load Capacity: 1,250,000 lbs.

      • Max Wind Capacity w/pipe racked: 85 mph

      • Max Wind Capacity w/out pipe racked: 100 mph

      Mast is complete with raising sheaves, mast pins, and full height vertical ladders. It is assembled at near ground level and is self-erecting. The Mast will include the following accessories:

      • One (1) Flat Running Crown Block, with seven (7) sheaves and one (1) fastline sheave assembly, all with two row tapered roller bearings, grooved for 1-5/8" dia. wireline and mounted on crown frame with padeyes. Crown frame will be complete with wireline guards, bumper blocks, and crown safety platform with expanded metal flooring and handrail with toe plates. Deadline is on off-driller's side.

      • One (1) Adjustable Racking Board, with a capacity of 220 stands of 5" drill pipe, and ten (10) stands of 9" drill collars. Racking platform with access catwalk, adjustable diving board with hinged extension, hinged floor slabs over the fingers (driller's side only) and 7'-0" high handrails.

      • One (1) Set of Two-Tong Counterweight Buckets, complete with guides, wirelines, and tong blocks.

      • One (1) Deadline Anchor Support Foundation to support anchor mounted wireline.

    2. One (1) Substructure with 28'-0" floor height, designed for a casing load of 1,250,000 lbs. with a simultaneous setback load of 600,000 lbs. (a total of 1,850,000 lbs. capacity).

      Drill floor structure can accommodate a 37-1/2" rotary table. The Substructure will include the following accessories:

      • One (1) Set of Flooring for the substructure.

      • One (1) Setback Pad with 3" of wood.

      • One (1) Combination Pipe Ramp and Stair, 5'-0" wide to drill floor with 3/8" plate on ramp down to the 3'-6" high catwalk, but framed to the ground.

      • One (1) Set of Doghouse Supports, designed to position doghouse flush with drill floor.

      • One (1) Set of Pins and Bolts for the substructure.


    1. Two (2) Single Acting Triplex Mud Pumps, 1600 HP, Including:

      • Three (3) interchangeable forged steel Fluid Ends, with threaded valve pot covers and cylinder heads.
      • Premium Grade Fluid and Expendables with pistons and liners.
      • Fluid End Expendable Service Crane.
      • Suction Manifold with three (3) 12" flanged inlets; one fitted with a 12" threaded flange, one with a blind flange, and one with desurger.
      • Pressure Manifold with strainer and 5" 5000 lbs. API flanged outlet
      • Accessory Manifild with 4" 5000 lbs. API mounted flange for pulsation dampener and two (2) 3" female threaded connetions for relief valve and pressure gauge.
      • Liner Wash System with 90 gallon tank and 1" x 1-1/2" mission centrifugal pump direct-driven by 1750 rpm explosion-proof electric motor, volt, 3-phase, 60 Hz.
      • Standard Tow-member Steel Skid.
      • Suction Desurger.

    2. Two (2) External Power End Lubrication Pumps.

    3. Four (4) GE 752 Drilling Motors.

    4. Two (2) Pump Unitization with DC Motor consisting of:
      • Standard Pump Skid.
      • Motor Mounting Pedastal.
      • Two (2) Pump Sprockets with QD hubs.
      • Two (2) Motor Sprockets selected for standard applications.
      • Two (2) Belt Drives for each pump.
      • Chain lubrication system with an explosion proof, 230/460 volt, 3-phase, 60 Hz electric motor driven oil pumps.

    5. Two (2) Pulsation Dampeners, 5000 lbs. working pressure, complete with charging hose and gasket.

    6. Two (2) Flanged Gate Valve, for mud pump discharge.

    7. Two (2) Oteco Relief Valves, type 5000 lbs.

    8. Two (2) Oteco Pressure Gauges, type 6000 lbs.


    1. Three (3) Shale Shakers, complete with screens, integral vibrators, and automatic lubrication system. All motors, starters, and wiring to be explosion-proof.

    2. One (1) Swaco (or equal) Degasser, vacuum type, rated at 1000 gpm, complete with vacuum pump and all standard accessories. All motors and wiring to be explosion-proof.

    3. One (1) Swaco (or equal) Desander, Model 312 with three (3) each 12" dia. polyurethane cyclones.

    4. Two (2) Swaco (or equal) Desilters, Model 16T4 with sixteen (16) each 4" dia. polyurethane cyclones.

    5. One (1) Mission Magnum I (or equal) Centrifugal Feed Pump, 2" x 3" with mechanical seals driven by 25 HP explosion-proof electric motors, skid mounted, with couplings and guards

    6. Two (2) Mud Hoppers, 6" complete with sack table, 6" butterfly valve, bushing, jet nipple, tee stand and venturi.

    7. Four (4) Mission Magnum I (or equal) Centrifugal Feed Pumps 6" x 8" with mechanical seals driven by 100 HP, 1200 RPM, 480 VAC explosion-proof electric motors, skid mounted, with couplings and guards. Pumpsto be used for mixing, charging, and processing equipment. Impeller sizes to vary.

    8. One (1) Centrifugal Homogenizer Pump, 6" x 5" with mechanical seals driven by 75 HP, 1200 RPM, 480 VAC explosion proof electric motor, skid mounted, with couplings and guards.

    9. Eight (8) Swaco Model MA-20 (or equal) Mud Agitator, with 20 HP, 1200 RPM explosion-proof electric motor, 40" dia. impeller and shaft sized for 8' deep tank.

    10. One (1) Chemical Tank, 40-60 gallon with motor driven stirring paddle for mixing and adding chemicals.

    11. One (1) Rig Mud Laboratory, complete with all standard accessories and stainless steel case. Poor Boy Atmospheric Degasser

    12. Two (2) Rotary Hoses, 4" ID x 65' long, 5000 psi WP, 7500 psi test, API Grade D with 5" API male couplings on each end.

    13. Four (4) Vibrator Hoses, 4" ID x 15' long, 5000 psi, 7500 psi test, API Grade D with 5" API male couplings on each end.

    14. Two (2) Cementing Hoses, 2" ID x 15' long, 10,000 psi WP 7500 psi test, API Grade D with 2" API male couplings each end.

    15. Four (4) Mud Tanks, 500 BBL each (total 2000 BBLs). Active and Reserve System.

    16. One (1) 500 BBL Water Tank

    17. One (1) 300 BBL Fuel Tank

    18. One (1) lot Low and High Pressure Piping System, required for Mud Processing.

    19. One (1) lot Piping System for Rig Water, Fuel, Air, and Hydraulic System.


    1. Two (2) Air Compressors to include:

      • Ingersoll-Rand (or equal) Compression Module, single stage, flooded rotary screw compressor with duplex tapered roller thrust bearings and ten (10) micron dry type inlet filter.

      • Coolant/Lubrication Module with spin on ten (10) micron coolant filter and pressure bypass; air receiver/separator with less than 2 PPM system carryover, and ultra coolant charge formulated to run two years of 8,000 hours.

      • Coolant Cooler Module, air cooled, designed to operate in 115° F ambient, with cup on coating.

      • Drive Module, TEFC Mill & Chem Induction motor with Class F insulation, and 1.15 service factor.

      • Control and Protection Module with online/offline and upper range modulation capacity control, Airdyne automatic start and stop control and automatic starting unloaded, discharge air pressure, temperature and differential separator pressure indication power on light start and stop pushbuttons and hour meter.

      • Starting Module, auto reduced voltage Star Delta Starters.

      • After-Cooler Module, air-cooled designed to cool 15° F of ambient air of 115° F, including seperator trap.

      • Components on sub-base for single point connections.

        Actual Delivery299 FAD
        Delivery Pressure150 PSIG
        Motor Horse Power75 HP
        Package Electrical640V-3-60;
        Power input NEMA-4 stainless steel watertight enclosure
        Package Sound85 DBA CAGI-PNEUDROP
        Package Environment35-115° F ambient

      • One (1) Compressor Sequence Control Panel, Airdyne Model SQ-2 (or equal) to manually alternate lead, lag, and standby units on automatic start/stop control, includes automatic start and stop control (NEMA-4) and automatic safety shutdown in event of malfuction.

      • One (1) Refrigerated Air Dryer, Hankison Model 801000 (or equal) complete with aire cooled exchanger, pre-heater/re-heater, guage panel, power on lights, on/off switch and automatic condensate trap (NEMA-1, 460V/3/60 Hz).

        Inlet Air Capacity1135 SCFM
        Inlet Air Pressure125 PSIG
        Inlet Air Temperature100° F
        Pressure Dewpoint35° F
        Ambient Temperature90° F

    2. Two (2) Horizontal Air Receivers, 400 gallon (53.5 cu. ft.) capacity, 125 psig working pressure.

      • Two (2) Air Receiver Accessory Kits, to include relief valve, pressure gauge, automatic condensate trap.

    3. One (1) Cold Start Compressor Package, Model 11BDP to include:

      • Ingersoll-Rand (or equal) two-stage Compressor with constant speed control, inlet filter/silencer, intercooler and relief valve.

        Piston Displacement40.8 CFM
        Actual Delivery32.1 ACFM
        Maximum Pressure200 PSIG
        Rated Pressure150 PSIG
        BHP @ Rated Pressure11.0 BPH

      • Air Cooled Lister Disel Engine, with air filter, spark arrester, muffler, fuel filter and tank, stub shaft, PTO, VBD totally enclosed belt guard and hand crank starting.

      • Components unitized on skid for single point connections.


      • One (1) Hydraulic Power Unit for UL Class 1 Division 2 areas. Typical performance points:

        • 0-1500 psi and 45 gpm
        • 2000 psi and 34 gpm
        • 3000 psi and 1 gpm

        Includes 200 gallon reservoir with explosion-proof low level and high temperature shut-off switches, pump suction and return line filters, water to oil heat exchanger (requires 20 gpm water supply), two 50 HP explosion-proof motors, two motor starters with explosion proof enclosure and unit mounted start/stop switches. 460 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase. NEMA/UL specifications, skid mounted 38" wide x 96" long x 67" high.

    5. Two (2) Drillwater Transfer Pumps, complete with centrifugal pump, 20 HP, 1800 RPM, 480 VAC, 3-phase, explosion proof electric motor, skid mounted with coupling and guard

    6. One (1) Drain Pump Transfer Pump, complete with 2" x 3" centrifugal pump, 20 HP, 1800 RPM, 480 VAC, 3-phase, explosion proof electric motor, skid mounted, with coupling and guard.

    7. Two (2) Air Powered Winch rated at 5,000 lbs.


    1. One (1) CIW Type "U" Double BOP, 13.5/8" 10,000 psi WP with BX-159 flange top and bottom, and four (4) each 4.1/16 x 10m flanged side outlets. One (1) set of 5" DP Rams installed in each cavity. Each BOP fitted with manual locks and extension rods. All rig grooves to have stainless steel inlays, BOP's certified for H2S service.

      One (1) CIW Type "U" Single BOP, 13.5/8" 10,000 psi WP with BX-159 flange top and bottom, and two (2) each 4.1/16" x 10m flanged side outlets. One (1) set of CSO Blind Rams installed. All ring grooves to have stainless steel inlays, BOP's certifed for H2S service.

    2. One (1) Shaffer Spherical BOP, 13.5/8" 5,000 psi WP with 10m BX-159 bottom flange and 5m BX-160 top studded connection. All ring grooves to have stainless steel inlays, BOP's certified for H2S service.


      • Two (2) each CIW Type FC Manual Gate Valves, 4.1/16" x 10m

      • Two (2) each CIW FC Hydraulic Operated Gate Valves, 4.1/16" x 10m

      • Two (2) each Coflexip (or equal) Choke and Kill Hoses, 3" ID 10,000 PSI WP x 50' long with flanged end connnections.

      • One (1) Choke Manifold, rated 10,000 PSI WP designed and fabricated in accordance with API Spec. 6A. All flanged connections to be API type 6BX. The manifold consists of the following components:
        • Twelve (12) ea. Cameron Type F (or equal) flanged gate valve, 2" 10,000 PSI WP.
        • Two (2) ea. Cameron Type F (or equal) flanged gate valve, 3" 10,000 PSI WP.
        • Two (2) ea. Willis Type HS (or equal) manual adjustable choke 2" 10,000 PSI WP, flanged connections
        • One (1) ea. Swaco Super Choke (or equal), 10,000 PSI WP, with control panel and hoses.
        • One (1) ea. 5-way cross 10,000 PSI WP
        • One (1) ea. 4-way cross 10,000 PSI WP
        • Three (3) ea. 4-way cross 10,000 PSI WP
        • One (1) Oteco Model 6 0-6000 PSI pressure gauge


      • One (1) BOP Closing Unit, Shaffer/Koomey Type "s" (or equal) with the following components:
        • Twenty (20) ea. 11 gallone 3000 PSI WP Bladder Type Accumulator Bottles.
        • Two Hundred (200) Gallon Fluid Reservoir

      • One (1) BOP Handling System, including BOP trolley beams and hoists, lifting lugs, shackles and slings.


    1. One (1) SCR Unit, including the following:

      1. Four (4) Model 1601 SCR/Generator Cubicles, Generator Control Systems will include the following:

        • One (1) Circuit Breaker - 1600 AF/1600ACS, 600V, 3-pole, 65 kAIC, IEC Rated
          1. LI Trip
          2. Manually charge, electrically operated
          3. UV trip unit
          4. 2NO/2NC auxiliary contacts
          5. Fixed amount

        • One (1) Instrumentation and Controls
          1. One (1) Ammeter, scaled at 0-1500 AAC
          2. One (1) Kilowatt Meter, scaled at 0-1500 kW
          3. One (1) Kilovar Meter, scaled at 0-1500 kVAR
          4. One (1) Generator Hour Meter
          5. One (1) Generator Control Switch, "Off - Idle - Run"
          6. One (1) Generator "Online" Indicating Lamp
          7. One (1) Circuit Breaker "Push to Close" lighted pushbutton
          8. One (1) Manual Engine "Speed Adjust" Potentiometer
          9. One (1) Manual "Voltage Adjust" Potentiometer

        • One (1) Solid State Control Module
          1. Voltage Regulator
          2. Working temperature range, -30° to +50° C
          3. No load to full load regulation of +/- 1%
          4. Response time of one (1) second typical
          5. The load on any one (1) generator shall not differ more than +/- 10% of its rated kilowatt load from no load to full load
          6. Reactive Power is shared between generators by reactive power droop compensation
          7. Protective functions built into regulator are:
            • Reverse Power Trip
            • Under Frequency Trip
            • Overvoltage Trip
            • Overspeed Trip
          8. Frequency Voltage scheduled for engine operation at idle speed.
          9. Electronic Governor
          10. Speed regulation from no load to full load of +/- 1 Hz steady state
          11. Response time on 0.8 seconds typical
          12. Maximum load unbalance between engines (one hot, one cold) at all points, no load to full load, +/- 10% of its rated load

      2. SCR DC Bridge Sections will include the following:

        • One (1) 1600 AF Input Switch, UV trip, auxiliary contacts, fixed mount

        • One (1) DC Ammeter, scaled at 0-2000 ADC

        • One (1) DC Voltmeter, scaled at 0-1000 VDC

        • One (1) "SCR ON" Indicating Lamp

        • One (1) Bridge, SCR Type, six (6) element, two (2) quadrant, rated at 1800 ADC continuous at 750 VDC. The bridge will be vertically configured and cooled by a single blower. Current limiting Cabone Ferraz fuses with form C contacts, which will open the input switch.

        • One (1) DC Control Module
          1. Six pulse thyristor firing circuits with "hard firing" outputs. The synchronizing signal originates directly from the AC line.
          2. High speed current regulators with twenty millisecond response.
          3. Automatic current limit load sharing for motor driving the same shaft and driven by separate armature supplies. No setup or adjustment required.
          4. Individual control of current limit for all drilling functions. The operator adjustable rotary torque limit potentiometer will be mounted in the driller's console.
          5. Motor speed regulators for the mud pump and rotary table. Each regulator will be interlocked with its related assignment contractor.
          6. All controls are designed to be "foolproof". No preset sequence of operation is required. The operator may push any button at any time and the system will either follow when it is safe or block the command if it is not consistent with operation.
          7. Manual voltage control for maintenance operation.
          8. Thyristor gate suppression at approximately 150% of the bridge rating.
          9. "Zero Throttle Interlock", the throttle ont he driller's console must be returned to zero after an assignment change, before the motor can be powered.
          10. Module Fault Finder includes a meter and a switch mounted on the front of the module for monitoring all critical internal voltages.

        • One (1) set of DC Contactors, to allow for multiple assignemnts of bridges.

        • One (1) Surge Suppression System, used to clamp transient voltage spikes, which would be damaging to the SCR devices. The Surge Suppression System will consist of a set of fused metal oxide varistors (MOVs) and will include a "Surge Suppressor ON" lamp.

      3. Synchronizing System will include the following:

        • One (1) Synchroscope scaled at Fast-Slow

        • One (1) Voltmeter scaled at 0-750 VAC

        • One (1) Frequency Meter scaled at 45-55 Hz

        • One (1) Synch Switch

        • One (1) Synchronizing Lamps The Ground Fault Detection System will include the following:
          1. One (1) DC Ground Ammeter scaled at 0-100%
          2. One (1) AC Ground Ammeter scaled at 0-100%
          3. Three (3) Ground Fault Indication Lamps
          4. One (1) Test Pushbutton

      4. Power Limit System will include the following:

        • One (1) Power Limit Lamp
          The system will include a Drawworks Dynamic Brake. The DWDB will slow the drawwoks motor from full speed to some preset speed within 8 to 10 seconds after the foot throttle is released. The power generated by the free wheeling DC motor is then fed into a stainless steel grid resistor bank. During the normal operation of the drawworks, the dynamic brake is non-operative. If at any time, the motor speed is higher than the drawworks throttle setting and the foot throttle is not in use, the dynamic brake will operate.

    2. NOT USED

    3. One (1) Model 304 Driller's Console
      The console will be constructed of 12 gauge 304 stainless steel. The throttle hand wheels will be of solid stianless steel and shall provide 100% back-up of the throttle function. The console will be water tight with a gasketed door. The console will be acceptable for use in a Class 1, Division II area, by means of a Z-Puge system in accordance with NFPA 496, when attached to an external dry air supply of 85 to 150 psi.

      Cables will enter the bottom of the console via plugs and receptacles.

      1. Four (4) Hand Throttles
        • Mud Pump 1
        • Mud Pump 2
        • Drawworks
        • Rotary Table

      2. Five (5) Switches
        • SCR Assignment
        • Mud Pump 1 "On/Off"
        • Mud Pump 2 "On/Off"
        • Drawworks "Forward/Off/Reverse"
        • DWS/Off/Rotary Table

      3. Two (2) Meters
        • Rotary Table
        • Percent Power Limit

      4. Fouteen (14) Indicator Lamps
        • Generator 1 On
        • Generator 2 On
        • Generator 3 On
        • Generator 4 On
        • SCR 1 On
        • SCR 2 On
        • SCR 3 On
        • SCR 4 On
        • MP1 Blower On
        • MP2 Blower On
        • DW Blower On
        • Ground Fault
        • Power Loss
        • Power Limit

      5. One (1) Pushbutton
        DC Emergency Shutdown Pushbutton

      6. One (1) Potentiometer
        Rotary Table

      7. One (1) Type Z Pressurization System with Alarm(s)

      8. One (1) lot Plugs and Receptacles

    4. One (1) ea. Model 201 Foot Throttle
      The Foot Throttle is constructed of 12 gauge 304 stainless steel, built to withstand the environment normally encountered on the rig floor. It includes dual stainless steel return springs to provide a fail-safe return to the minimum position in the event of a single spring failure. Provisions for dry air connections are also included. The foot throttle connects directly to the driller's console through a three-wire connection.

    5. One (1) ea. 480 Volt Distribution

      1. Feed Breakers

        • One (1) MCC Transformer Feeder Breaker, 1200 AF, 600V, 3 Pole, 65 kAIC, located in the Generatore 2 cubicle

        • One (1) Low Voltage Transformer (127/240), 225F/600V, 3 Pole

      2. Transformers

        • One (1) MCC Transformer, 1000 kVA, 600:580 Vac, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, Del-Del
          1. Aluminum Wound
          2. 3R Enclosure
          3. Convection Cooled

        • One (1) Low Voltage Transformer, 150 kVA, 600-127/220, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, Del-Wye
          1. Aluminum Wound
          2. 3R Enclosure
          3. Convection Cooled

          480 Volt Motor Control Center
          The MCC used will be US NEMA Type 1, Class IB, wired 480 Volt, 60 Hz, with individual breakers. The horizontal bus will be tin plated copper and suitable rated. The vertical bus will be tin plated copper and rated for 300 amps. A copper ground bus will run the full length of the MCC line up. Each starter will be complete with a 480:120 control power transformer fused on the primary and the secondary, a magnetic only breaker, a contractor and an ambient compensated overload element (heater).

            HOA:Hands-Off-Automatic Control
            2WRC:Two (2) Wire Remote Control
            3WRC:Three (3) Wire Remote Control
            FVNR:Full Voltage Non-Reversing
            *:1 NO/1 NC Auxiliary Contact

        • Item Qty Size Rating Control Description
          A 1 S/1 FVNR 10 HP HOA* MP1A Blower
          B 1 S/1 FVNR 10 HP HOA* MP1B Blower
          C 1 S/1 FVNR 10 HP HOA* MP2A Blower
          D 1 S/1 FVNR 10 HP HOA* MP2B Blower
          E 1 S/1 FVNR 10 HP HOA* Drawworks A Blower
          F 1 S/1 FVNR 10 HP HOA* Drawworks B Blower
          G 5 S/1 FVNR 10 HP HOA* Spares
          H 1 S/2 FVNR 20 HP 3 WRC Degasser
          I 2 S/2 FVNR 20 HP 3 WRC Brake Water Cooling 1, 2
          J 1 S/2 FVNR 20 HP 3 WRC Trip Tank Pump
          K 2 S/2 FVNR 15 HP 3 WRC Spares
          L 2 S/3 FVNR 30 HP 3 WRC Water Pump 1, 2
          M 2 S/3 FVNR 30 HP 3 WRC Spares
          N 1 S/4 FVNR 75 HP 3 WRC Desander
          O 2 S/4 FVNR 75 HP 3 WRC Mud Mixer 1, 2
          P 1 S/4 FVNR 75 HP 3 WRC Desilter
          Q 1 S/4 FVNR 75 HP 3 WRC Spare

          Item Qty Breakers Description
          A 1 15/3 Wireline Unit
          B 2 15/3 Shale Shaker 1, 2
          C 1 20/3 Elmagco Brake
          D 3 30/3 Spare
          E 1 50/3 House Air Conditioner 1
          F 1 50/3 House Air Conditioner 2
          G 5 50/3 Mud Agitator 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
          H 1 100/3 Air Compressor 1
          I 1 100/3 Air Compressor 2
          J 1 100/3 Koomey Unit
          K 3 100/3 Spares
          L 1 200/3 EZY Torque 1 / HPU
          M 1 200/3 Spare

    6. One (1) ea. Low Voltage Distribution Panel-42 Circuit

    7. One (1) ea. Power Control House

      1. The Power Control House will be 30' long, 10' wide and 11' high. The house will be designed for transportation by an oilfield type trailer

      2. The frame of the house will be constructed of structural steel and continuous welded. The siding of the walls and skins of the roof will be constructed of twelve (12) gauge sheet steel. All corners will be trimmed out by bending, and seam welding leaving no sheet edge exposed.

      3. The runners of the skid will be W12 x 45 beams, with W6 x 9 cross members for a total skid height of 18 in. The deck of the house will be constructed of 3/16" steel plate. Three of the walls and the roof will be insulated with 3" thick polystyrene block insulation. The floor and end wall with the receptacles will not be insulated. The inside surface of the walls behind the equipment will be covered with aluminum panels.

      4. The inside surface of the walls not covered by equipment will be finished with a laminated wall board of 1/4" thick marine plywood. The front of the wall board is covered with a pebble grain aluminum, and the back is cover with aluminum foil vapor barrier. A rubber neoprene mat will run the full length of the interior isle of the house.

      5. Two (2) doors with stainless hardware shall be provided. The door will open to the outside by pushing down on a "panic bar." The threshold of the door will be 22" off the grade.

      6. Two (2) five ton air conditioners will be supplied. The five ton units will be mounted on the roof of the house, with provisions for crane removal, and hinged panels to cover teh duct opening when the air conditioner units are removed for service or transportation. The hot air generated by the SCR bridges will be discharged out the top of the cubicles and re-circulated to the air conditioners via the open space between the top of the equipment and the bottom of the roof.

      7. Incoming power from the generators will enter the house via copper stabs through a recessed "window" located at the top and on one side of the house. The generator control plugs and receptacles will be Crouse-Hinds. The windows will be located on the same side of the house as the SCR system.

      8. DC power connections will be made using copper stab connectors in the AC/DC plug panel at one end of the house. DC control connnections, rig AC power and control connections and rig lighting connections will be made using Crouse-Hinds plugs and receptacles. THe receptacles (100 Amp and below) shall be angled down at 45° to relieve stress on the cables.

      9. The house will be sandblasted to near white, and finished using a two process coating consisting of an epoxy primer with a "white" polyurethane top coat.

      10. The transformers and DWDB grid box will be mounted on an uncovered porch on one end of the house.

    8. Documentation for SCR Unit:

      1. Six (6) Technical Manuals

      2. Six (6) Drawing Job Books

    9. Four (4) Diesel Engines, Caterpillar Model 399 Series (or equal). Each driving a SR4 (or equal) Oilfield Brushless AC Generator, 60 Hz, 600 V, 3-phase, 0.7 Power Factor. The generator is equipped with a 63 VDC, 10 A, 6.3 ohm exciter. The direct component of the subtransient reactance X'd is assued to be 12.3%.

    10. One (1) lot Rig Electrical Distribution System, including all cables, connectors, lights, and cable trays.


    1. One (1) Driller's Instrumentation System, Martin Decker (or equal) complete with stainless console and the following packages:

      • Weight Indicator Sensor

      • Mud Volume Totalizer

      • Mud Flow-Fill Indicator
        1. Trip Tank Monitor
        2. Pump Tank SPM and Pressure Indicators
        3. Rotary Table Torque and RPM Indicators
        4. Automatic Bit Weight Control System

    2. One (1) Hook Load Weight Indicator System including tension load cell. Weight indicator gauge receives signal from hydraulic load cell mounted in wireline anchor.

    3. One (1) Wireline Anchor> to accommodate tension load cell to provide signal for weight indicator system. Includes set of wireline inserts and pins for attaching load cell assembly.

      Operating Information: Drill Line is 1-1/2" dia. IWC.EIPS


    1. SLIPS

      • One (1) Air-Operated Slip, Varco (or equal) for non-rotating use with Varco (or equal) 37-1/2" MCPH Master Casing Bushings.

      • One (1) Slip Assembly, 5-1/2" x 5" PS-12/PS-15

      • One (1) Guide Ring Set, 5", PS-15 Spring Slip

      • One (1) Varco SDXL Rotary Slip, 5", complete with inserts.

      • One (1) Varco DCS-L Drill Collar Slip, 8" - 9-1/2", complete with circular buttons.

      • One (1) Varco DCS-R Drill Collar Slip, 5-1/2" - 7", complete with circular buttons.

      • One (1) Varco MP-R Safety Clamp, 5-1/2" - 7" complete.

      • One (1) Varco MP-R Safety Clamp, 6-3/4" - 8-1/4" complete.

    2. TONGS

      • Two (2) BJ Manual Tongs, Type HT-100, complete.

      • Two (2) BJ Lug Jaw Assemblies, 4" - 8-1/2" for Type HT-100 Manual Tong

      • Two (2) BJ Lug Jaw Assemblies, 8-1/2" - 12" for Type HT-100 Manual Tong

      • Two (2) BJ Manual Tongs, Type HT-65, complete (less lug jaws)

      • Two (2) BJ Lug Jaw Assemblies, 3-1/2" - 8-1/4", TypeHT-65

      • Two (2) BJ Lug Jaw Assemblies, 8" - 11-1/4", Type HT-65

      • One (1) Pneumatic Safety Spinning Wrench, Varco Model SSW-40, right- and left-hand rotation for 3-1/2" - 9-1/2" OD drill pipe and drill collars complete with vertical positioning systems, lubricator-filter-regulator assembly and 25 ft. x 1-1/4" air hose and fittings.


      • One (1) BJ Type GG CL Elevator for 5" EU DP having API IF Tool Joints.

      • One (1) BJ Type SLX Side Door Elevator for 9-1/2" OD Drill Collars.

      • One (1) BJ Type SLX Side Door Elevator for 8" OD Zip Groove Drill Collars

      • One (1) BJ Type SLX Side Door Elevator for 6-1/2" OD Zip Groove Drill Collars

      • One (1) BJ Type SLX Side Door Elevator for 6-1/4" OD Zip Groove Drill Collars

      • One (1) BJ Weldless Link, 3-1/2" x 132", rated 650 Ton

      • One (1) Set Hand Tools to include:
        1. Sledgehammers, Cameron wrenches, pipe wrenches, etc. for drill crew.
        2. Two (2) sets mechanic tools to include wrenches, sockets, etc.
        3. One (1) set electricians tools with meters.
        4. One (1) welding machine with cutting rig and accessories.
        5. One (1) pipe threader/cutter with dies
        6. Four (4) ea. riding belts, derrick hand belts with safety lines, etc.
        7. Slings, shackles, chain hoists, porta powers, and miscellaneous handling gear.


    1. 5000 ft. of 1-1/2" Drilling Line, 6 x 18 EIPS IWRC.

    2. One (1) Air Powered Wireline Spooler for 1-1/2" EIPS dia. IWRC wire rope, 5000 ft. long. The reel motor and control are assembled on one (1) common skid. Quality Assurance/Quality Control shall be in accordance with BHL International's Control Manual, which is API approved for API Spec. 4F - Drilling and Well-Servicing Structures. Design, fabrication, and assembly shall follow API Spec. 4F requirements. BHL shall submit an assembly drawing for approval prior to manufacture of rig equipment.

    3. One (1) Set of Safety Equipment as follows:

      • One (1) Gaitronics Paging/Alarm System designed to interface with the platform's paging/alarm system witht he following features:
        1. Main control cabinet to be located in toolpusher's office.
        2. Six (6) remote hand set locations.
        3. Twenty (20) general alarm stations.
        4. Fifty (50) fire detection devices (ionization, thermal, and UV detectors).

      • One (1) Combustible Gas Detection System designed to interface with the platform's combustible gas detection system with the following features:
        1. Main control cabinet to be located in toolpusher's office.
        2. Twelve (12) gas detector locations.

      • One (1) Geronimo Type Derrick Escape System at racking board.

      • One (1) set Fire Extinguishers

      • One (1) Eye Wash Station

      • One (1) First Aid Kit

  11. HOUSES

    1. Four (4) Generator Houses, approximately 9'-6" wide x 30'-0" long x 8'-0" height, mounted on 7'-10" wide x 32'-0" long steel skid base.

    2. One (1) Utility House, 8'-0" wide x 8'-6" high x 30' long. Utility House shall include a parts house and workshop.

    3. One (1) Doghouse, to be installed and supported at drill floor elevation, 8'-0" wide x 8'-6" high x 20'-0" long.

    4. One (1) Toolpusher's House, 8'-0" wide x 8'-8" high x 30'-0" long, including an air conditioning unit, kitchen and bathroom; furnished with one (1) bed, one (1) desk, and two (2) chairs.



      • Provide project management and engineering required for the rig and to ensure conformance, good workmanship, quality and fit for purpose as the rig is intended to be.

      • Tasks include project organization, monitoring and scheduling of deliveries, directing work execution, coordinating the flow of necessary information between all parties, and maintaining/compiling documentation.

      • Engineering:
        1. Perform engineering functions required for compliance to specifications and certification to the rated mast & substructure capacities required.
        2. Provide design and drafting for mud processing and other fluid systems.
        3. Provide SCR and electrical power system technical support.
        4. Provide rig layout and generate rig operating and maintenance manual along with other documentation required for the rig.


      • Receive and unload equipment.

      • Assemble and set substructure and dead line anchor.

      • Assemble and set mast.

      • String lines to crown and traveling block.

      • Set and level all machinery.

      • Set rotary table and lugs.

      • Set drawworks and securing device.

      • Set engine drive group and set SCR control house and engine generator units (electrical).

      • Connect rotary chain and install oil bath type rotary guard.

      • Raise Mast.

      • Furnish two (2) air hoist stands, mount air hoists, and secure stands to floor.

      • Furnish air hoist lines as required.

      • Furnish catline as required.

      • Furnish and install equalizer tie-off cable (7/8" line).

      • Furnish snub line for tongs as required.

      • Install tong snub posts.

      • Furnish and install hose hobbles and pressure vibrator hoses.

      • Furnish and install escape line wire cable.

      • Install driller's guard if required.

      • Mount recorder, automatic driller, remot BOP control unit and all sensing devices.

      • Set and secure BOP stack with four (4) 1-1/2" turnbuckles.

      • Fabricate and install bell nipple and flow line.

      • Set mud tanks, catwalk, utility house, water tanks, fuel tanks, doghouse, suitcase, generator house, change house, heat duct and accumulator unit as required. Equipment to be doweled as necessary for alignment. Install all mufflers and exhaust equipment.

      • Set mud pumps, align and hook up belts and belt guards. Install pipe suction to pits, set charging pumps and plumb customer pop off to pit. Furnish pipe, unions and fittings (as required).

      • Connect high-pressure line from BOP to choke manifold. Furnish all flanges, studs, and ring gaskets.

      • Install standpipe and standpipe clamps.

      • Furnish and install 3" schedule 160 kill line, unions and conections. Furnish all appropriate valves.

      • Furnish material and labor to hook-up accumulator line suitcase from accumlator unit to BOP.

      • Furnish all petroleum products for rig testing, including 1600 gallons diesel fuel.

      • Fuel System

        1. Furnish and install all fuel feed and return lines from fuel tank to all engines as required.
        2. Furnish and install one (1) 350 gallon day tank for generator house and install lines as required.

      • Water System

        1. Furnish and install water piping from water tanks to floor, pumps, and mud pits.
        2. Furnish two (2) wash down hoses.
        3. Furnish and install brake water feed and return lines to and from tanks.
        4. Furnish 500 barrels water maximum for testing mud pits and pumps.

      • Air System

        1. Furnish and install air manifold and lines to engines.
        2. Install air lines to air hoist and all equipment requiring air.
        3. Install one air volume tank.

      • Fabricate one (1) 10-3/4" mouse hole and one (1) 10-3/4" rat hole tube.


      • Load out and secure equipment on Client furnished trucks.



      BHL would be pleased to submit a seperate proposal, if requested, after Client specifies size, quantity, and other requirements.



      BHL would be pleased to submit a seperate proposal, if requested, after Client specifies size, quantity, and other requirements.


    1. Individual components offered may be exchanged with equal components in order to expedite delivery.